Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time is of the essence

So tonight i moved the lancer to the space in the middle of the two car parks of our garage so i can work on either side of it and open it's huge doors. This was generally a good idea but i will be kicking myself when i eventually have to move it haha.

The purpose of tonight's work was to get the front interior in, drill a hole for the reverse light cables and put connectors on to join original loom, identify and connect the wires for the gauges, get some generic seat covers on and generally finalize the front interior.

Carpet in:

Continued carpet arranging:

My little Japanese key ring/trinket:

Not sure if it is a bad omen or not, you probably can't tell by the extreme bad quality of the photo but it is a little policeman riding a motor bike.

Gauges in and functioning(without senders):

How it sits atm (dark mode):

Light mode:

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