Thursday, March 19, 2009

Like your slightly newer stuff better than your old stuff

Picked up my Cragar Style mag wheel nut bolts today, $64 AUD for 12 wheel bolts, 4 lock bolts and 12 washers for the normal ones *rolls eyes* there wheels have been a fucking joke since i bought them, shoulda just hit up YAJ or Sportmax lol.

Also picked up my rear bumper from Alex that he got for me from Kelly's Wreckers, it is fairly straight and non rusty, so it is already a better bumper, but this also has mounts that aren't cracked and falling off it lol.

I got sick of seeing the Passenger's fender being all multi coloured and primered from the rust repair the other night so i dumped a bit of yellow on it, which isnt the colour i ultimatly wanna go with but as long as the majority of the car is some shad of yellow, i dont really care. Anyway, turns out it musta been to cold/hot for it, or there was something on the surface of the old paint...or i just didnt shake it enough, because it's cracked all along the edges etc. Not really about to care though, it has KillRust Yellow underneath, it'l be right.

Bolted up the indicator on that side fender too, this style indicator would suit a shark nose so well haha.

Also fitted my OMGJDMTYTE flare to the passenger's kick panel, dont know if it's a keeper or not.

I will probably locate a wiring loom/colour explanation for my gauges and head off for a drive in the valiant, then come home and try to wire them in as neatly as possible, the only hard thing i can see will be the alloy facia to mount them and finding points to screw the sensors into, with the right thread size.

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