Monday, March 2, 2009

Continued bitching + Pics!

Ok so Friday night was a late one with dad working on the valiant. Not really that exciting but yeah, Saturday at work was busy as fuck, i got paid, and some v-tec kids came in haha. Seriously, a JDM front DC2 and an EK with a B16, or so the number plates told me anyway. It was one big group of guys, 3 to each car, speaking in a language i didn't understand haha. They dropped a few grand on a set of coil overs, a bonnet and a Mugen exhaust, all for the DC2.

I left early at three and went home to see how the valiant was going, we didn't end up leaving for willowbank till like 6 though. The valiant performed well the whole way there, god i had missed the torque, i weaved a bit of traffic between Milton and cootha, oh and opened it right up on the merge ramp to the highway from Bracken ridge. Got into the nostalgia drags for free, watched a bit of racing and left, dad drove the valiant home. After we stopped at yamanto for McDonald's dad started to get a feel for the valiant again, with Jarad and Alex in Alex's VT left to catch up haha. After having our photo taken by some people in a maxi taxi and a 2nd gear 60km/h+ entry into the Cootha/Milton round about dad was hooked and we spent the rest of the trip till Virginia mostly in 2nd, roaring around the streets. This didn't really go to well for the Timing gear drive though, because it has started making a whole lot more noise, but more on that later.

So we got back to mine, i cleaned up and we headed out to rothwell to pick up bek. We turned up out front of the party and i hiptop emailed her, but it didn't actually go through, so the little fuck running the party got all scared and closed the front door and turned off all the lights. One thing lead to another and bek finally came out, in tears. went back inside to get her bag and i sat her down in the passengers seat, though when i walked around to the drivers side of the valiant a whole bunch of cunts had decided to "find out why the fuck we were there for" with both me and Alex on good behaviour there wasn't much we could really do, so i turned the valiant on and drove away, much to the dismay of the party folk. We then went back to Alex's and chilled.

Fast forward to this morning and we hop in the valiant to get kebabs (I know right) and cruise through the water front and on to Anzac, i chucked it in to second and turned onto Victoria only to have a pretty scary noise from under the bonnet, so i shut it down and rolled to a stop. After starting it again it seemed drive able, i am pretty sure the needle bearings in the idler gears for the cam drive are fucking themselves. I dropped the oil but there doesnt seem to be any glitter in it. It is probably all stuck in the timing gear case anyway.

So that's been how i have spent most of my weekend, have had many better, but this one wasn't so bad. Anyway i will make with some pics.

A Fiberglass rear bar for a 180sx i think at work, complete with option 2 sticker, Drift junky sticker and a Hyper Car Style Battle Magazine sticker, i would probably buy a 180 just to run this rear bar haha.

The valiant as it sat on saturday morning before work, we still though we might make it to race at 4pm at this stage. The photo is hiptop quality so you probably can't tell much but it has 3 un assembled SU carb bodys bolted to it.

If any of you wish to follow this blog, you are going to have to get used to seeing shitty quality hiptop photos lol.

Tasks for tomorrow include going to TAFE and explaining to my mother my intentions of dropping/post pwning/just not doing this course. Hopefully i can either join a course i want to in the middle of the year, or one at the start of next year. I would much rather build my car, relax and travel before i start studying. This won't sit well with many people but that's my plan for the moment. Providing i can find some kind of home stay i am aiming to travel to Tokyo, Japan, around Christmas time, just a 2 week thing, though hopefully i might be able to go on a half cut mission with tony to Fukuoka. The only thing really stopping me is money.

Ps. 9 days till my birthday

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