Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lets put a cannon on it!

Commuting from here to work and TAFE lets you notice a few interesting cars in traffic, however it also lets you notice the stupider cars and modifications, so from now on i am trying to photograph these things haha.

Notice the shitty chinese cannon and wing^ (motion while taking the photo kinda confused the hiptop haha)

Kia carnival? people mover with cannon

and don't get me started on the mass amounts of Australian flag/Southern Cross/Generic Unit shit going around on people's windows.

Moving on though we found the cause of the Valiant's noisy straight cut gear drive, 2 teeth had been chewed off of the gear on the crank, we have since installed a dual row romac chain and sprockets.

Most other updates have been in the form of me turning 18 and being hell busy over the past few weeks, still at tafe, and still unhappy. Work, Bek and archy drifts have been keeping me sane though.

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