Thursday, March 19, 2009

1977 Lancer/Celeste Intro

So i thought i had better introduce what will one of the main parts of this blog, my Lancer. It's a 2 door hatch, 1977 Celeste or LB Lancer, which i am building to be a registrable car that can be driven to drift events, have a bit of fun then drive home again, that is until i get the money to buy and s13.

That is how i have been spending the past few nights after tafe or work ^^ chiseling away at sound deadening, for no real noticeable gain, but you know...makes me feel like a real man etc.

That was a while back, mid transmission swap from auto to manual, it is only a 4 speed at the moment though, trying to track down a 5 speed for it.

Thats an even older photo than the last, of my 13x7 minilites, though i will be seeking some more wheels once it is on the road.

The following are parts i have bought for it recently:

White rim steering wheel

Greddy Oil press/Oil temp/Water temp to fill the radio hole.

Obligatory Dildo shifter and misc Japanese shit

Funds permitting i will be ordering/buying a bride fixed back for it for drift events etc, and also looking at running S13 stub axles/hubs/discs and calipers as well as S13 coil overs with modified camber plates.

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