Monday, March 23, 2009


Yeah i know i know, stripped interior this stripped interior that, but i gotta get this thing on the road asap and with as little troubles as possible, so in goes my faded and tarnished mid 70's White & Brown interior. As time progresses i will be removing the majority of this stuff, but atm it is pretty much a necessity.

This is how the boot area looked, freshly removed sound deadening and new space saver and prettied up wiring.

It'll make a reappearance soon, i swear.

This is how it sits now:

Fake floor in all it's glory.

I decided to speed things up a bit i would just use the shitty Japan fresh home made gauge plate and shove it all together. I won't be running the sensors till after roadworthy/rego as it isn't really high on the list of things to do.

I aligned the sagging passenger's side door the best i could and bolted the passengers side guard down. Next i will be finishing the reverse light wiring and putting the front carpet back in. Then comes a bit of work in the engine bay and front panel re assembly. after that it will be a good few hours with the grinder, primer, bog and random yellow top coats.

My beautiful girlfriend bought me a Camcorder for my birthday so this will keep the blog populated with videos from archy and hopefully the lancer's maiden drive etc. All i gotta do now is find a proper soild mount/suction cup mount for it...or see how long it takes ross to notice his missing.

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