Sunday, April 12, 2009

Been a while

Ok so it has been a fair in between updates, biggest news being i quit TAFE. I also finally got the minilites drilled so they will fit with the wheel nuts i bought. That and yesterday ross came over and took some photos while we made a High Flow Catalyc convertor, he also gave me some photos from Archy drift and helped us move a new toy into the garage.

The following is a few photos from the camera since last blog, A friends Holden Torana that is being rushed onto the road. We're a dodgy bunch of kids. Background: someone tried breaking into it and flat head screw drivered the drivers door lock out, tearing up the skin. We have another door ready to go on but we had a go at fixing it as none of us have done much panel work before.

The car in question

Not a happy image

Hai Thar.


Dialing in

WH&S is of our highest concerns for this build

Regardless, it gets the Alex seal of approval.

Also in the time i wasn't updating we went to a local swap meet, bought a matching pair of these for $200 AUD.

Archy Pics: Ross and i will be setting up our own website to permanently host our images and show videos from archy, so once that is organised i will link it from here ;)

But on with the most recent updates. I will let the pictures do the talking though.

The minilites finally fitted to the lancer.

Sticker Whoring.

Ross brought the commodore over for it's high flow cat install.

With the cat of the car we had soon converted it, excuse the pun.

High flow!

I apologise sincerely to the environment for that.

Lancer photos:

Broadway bitch!

My genuine Subway hang ring, i will be getting a reproduction one in pink and heart shaped soon.

Sneaky shot

The new toy:

and a random shot of my tool box

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