Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is for the kids! This is only for the kids!

Works been great, TAFE has been pretty much the opposite...well that's a lie, but i am not enjoying it. Starting to wish i had of taken a photography course or something, I do like computers...but binary and hexadecimal shit me. Today I went to eagle farm for first lesson and realised i had forgotten my work shop project so drove home and drove back at lunch, then drove back after class again. This is the second 120km day this week, oh well, i will get used to it.

I am still kind of finding my blogging feet, atm i am half way between a diary entry and a car blog, oh well it'll happen soon. I don't really have any happy snaps to put up, but if i did they would probably be of the valiant, kind of in a mad rush to get it ready for the Nostalgia drags on Saturday.

I will hopefully be updating soon with some images from my old Yashica and Zenit, but that's going to be a matter of time until i get them developed, one is a roll i was stuffing about taking photos of the valiant with, and one is half way through from around the 85' to 90' period so who knows whats on it. Then there is the last roll the Nikon F100 shot, which will be kind of depressing.

Friday night drifts are worth looking forward to, the valiant up and running and seeing Bek. It doesn't really feel right to leave without an image, so here goes, also I might update this all on Friday when i am day dreaming of japan at TAFE, it would be nice if i could from hiptop but i doubt it.

Hopefully once i get a bit more time and a decent camera i will turn this into more of an image based blog.

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