Saturday, February 21, 2009

First blog.

Guess this shit's gotta be historic right?

Well in the past week i have gone to court, gotten a job, payed my parking fine and earnt some money. I guess in that respect Thursday was pretty eventful, starting off with court in the morning. After waiting with Sandgates finest criminals for an hour and a half, alex and i got a good behaviour agreement, which would be pretty cool if we had done anything impressive, but we currently are on good behaviour for stealing a street sign.

Anyways we cut out of there soon after, and headed to ABC cars in Strathpine, not much to speak off but a nice Hardtop Skyline.

We then transfered to Kelly's Wreckers in Zillmere, who have recently gained another Celeste which is pretty well fucked. About the same condition as this RA65 Coupe.

After leaving there alex and i hit up AllJap's and Tuff toys, but Alljaps didn't have any camber tops or just didn't really wanna serve us. Tuff toys had the sob story about the Yen and dollar for us. Some nice cars there though: AW11, R32 GTR, R33 GTR, Z32's and 1UZ/1J soarers.

We then headed to JapanAutos for a stickybeak at there coils and camber tops seeing as i had bought a white rim steering wheel from them the day before. We were soon confronted with JDM heaven, coilovers, Seats, Exhausts, Every motor you can think of, Front cuts, wheels and a lot of aftermarket stuff, and not to mention decent staff. I left without camber tops, but with a job, I started the next day.

Since then it has been work and TAFE, and i couldnt be happier! I have 3 and a half days of TAFE then Thursdays, saturdays and tuesday arvos at JapanAutos, dream job right there.

Tomorrow will involve continuing stripping that uneeded interior crap from the celeste and probably readying the valiant to be worked on.

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